Do you want to know how to create a successful podcast for your business?

Podcast success for your business. Photo by ConvertKit on Unsplas

In my experience handling audio enquiries from all manner of small and large businesses, organisations and institutions, it struck me that there were some common questions and answers that could be widely shared.

As a result, Podcast Pioneers is releasing STEP BY STEP PODCASTING FOR BUSINESS: a new book designed…

The University of Portsmouth’s podcast “Life Solved” returns with a brand new series on Tuesday 3rd of November. We’re exploring topics as diverse as canine communication, tackling antibiotic resistance, contemporary constructions of femininity and how the right kind of packaging can actually reduce food waste. …

During times of turmoil, communication is key!

That’s why podcasting has been so very useful to so many businesses during pandemic conditions. But I’ve had a lot of clients ask me for tips on how they can record sound easily themselves whilst we’re working from home. …

Katharine Kerr, Podcast Pioneers

Podcasting specialist and producer. Also runs Podcast Pioneers.

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